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Welcome to the Official website of Jiggaboo Jones,
The Number one Nigger in America. Many people use the word nigger but few ever live up to the average person’s expectation for being a nigger. Jiggaboo Jones is proud to be listed and thought of as the Number One Nigger in America. It can be spelled many ways but Jiggaboo Jones is glad to be the first one you think of when you hear the word nigger.

On this informative and entertaining website you may learn the "Ways" of the criminal underworld while laughing and learning what it takes to spend less time in jail. This website can either show you how to not be a victim, or can show you how do conduct your criminal activity more effectively.

Jiggaboo Jones is a former criminal mastermind who has turned petty larceny into a multi million dollar enterprise, by learning new hustles before a criminal Modus Operandi (M.O.) was picked up by local law enforcement. Jiggaboo Jones has only spent a total of 12 years in jail throughout his nearly 30 year career in criminal activity. Jiggaboo Jones has been arrested 81 times but has only been convicted 3 times throughout his criminal career. Jiggaboo Jones credits his low conviction rate to never doing the same crime more than a few times before retiring it and selling the knowledge to other criminal syndicates. The “DA” Reject is his best friend.








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